High School Theatre Substitute Teacher

High School Theatre Substitute Teacher

So today I was subbing in high school for a series of theatre classes. In the afternoon, students were working together to make a performance for a few weeks from now.  As part of that, a theatre teacher from the local Community College came over, and it turned out to be someone I knew from my time there when I got my own Theatre Degree. She had the students do some improv to practice acting where one student would say something random to another and then the other student would respond. For example, “Penguins are purple” and the response might be “so am I”.  Silly right. So this was going on and one student said “Mister Green is the best substitute teacher ever” and the other student replied, “Yes, and he’s green too”. 😀

Since I have a theatre background, I was able to help the students who were writing their pieces and starting to practice.

I go back tomorrow. 😀


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