Squeaky Cat may be dying

I think Squeaky the cat is dying, and may not live through tonight.

Squeaky is a semi-feral cat that was born about two years ago in my backyard about the same time the puppies arrived. He had come inside as a kitten with his mama and several sisters, who have since disappeared. I tried to pick him up and pet him several times, but he was skittish and I rarely succeeded in more than touching him, although at times he would let me pet him with my foot as he laid at my feet. As the puppers got older, they apparently got too aggressive and I have not seen him in the house in a long time.

This afternoon, I was walking out to my car and I saw Squeeky in a chair in my front yard. At first, I thought he was dead because he looked so bad, dirty and thin. When I approached, he looked up at me and he looked in pain and suffering. I suppose it’s even possible he got hit by a car. I tried to pet him, but as soon as he realized what I was doing, he got a burst of energy and got away.

There’s not much I can do to help him. Even if I could catch him, he looks very sick, and even if he could be saved, it would likely be expensive, and I have other dogs and cats to worry about first. The best I could do would be to take him to a vet to put him down to end his suffering. For now, I’m putting food and water on the front porch, as I did while Anubis was missing, and I’m feeding at least three other feral cats while I do it.

It’s possible that Squeaky has whatever Apophis had recently when he came in thin and weak. Apophis has mostly recovered and is putting on weight, and has been VERY obnoxiously affectionate since I brought him inside. Perhaps Anubis had this as well during the weeks I didn’t see him?  If Squeaky has the same illness, being outside all the time might not be doing his recovery much good. Tonight is a cold rainy night, so given how bad Squeaky looked, this could be his last night. I am sad tonight.


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