Things are going badly with Dorcas and Zorrita.

Things are going badly with Dorcas and Zorrita.

Things are going badly with Dorcas and Zorrita.

They are still fighting, and it’s getting worse. Today I put a muzzle I bought on Zorrita, as she is the larger dog. The two dogs ran together, and then, unexpectedly, all the other dogs started attacking Zorrita, apparently coming to the defense of their smallest sister. They were savage and even gentle Brunhilda and Mama Delight were sinking their teeth into Zorrita. I had a hard time pushing them away and getting Zorrita up and away from them.

I am so sad. Zorrita is the most affectionate and cuddler of the bunch. I will still get her fixed on the 21st, and keep her a few weeks after that to see if that settles her down, but if I can’t stop the fighting, I’ll have to let her go. After a lot of thought, it will be her to go. She’s not only agressive to Dorcas, to a lesser extent she’s been agressive to Brunhilda and even her mama Delight. The anger of the rest of the pack was shocking to see today. Had I not been there, they might have killed her with her muzzle on.

I considered getting rid of Dorcas, and perhaps that might be the way I go, but she fits well in the rest of the pack and Zorrita seems an outsider to her family.

I have been feeling misterable today. It’s like having a teen child who just won’t behave and is getting into trouble. I want to keep her, but I don’t want to make the rest of the pack misterable. As I live alone, I can’t be here to constantly supervise, and while I can keep her behind the fence indefinitely, that’s not a good life for her. After todays dogfight, I put Zorrita behind the fence where Dorcas has spent the past few days. I’ll still let her out regulary, when I’ve got Dorcas safely secured either inside or in a carrier.

My only hope is that getting her spayed will calm her down and stop the fighting, but so far it hasn’t stopped her sisters, yet.

I have been longing for the days when they were young puppers, playing with each other with joyfulness. Waking up each morning with five dogs and a cat was becoming a part of my identity.

Now, I don’t know what will happen.


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