A very sick weak…

A very sick weak…

This has been a strange week.

Tuesday night after a meeting of the Monterey  County Democrats where I’m the secretary, I go very chilled in a very cold unheated hall. As I drove home from Monterey to Salinas, about 30 miles, I got even more chilled as my car has no functional heater as it would take about $500 to fix that and I have other needs I’ve had higher priorities to meet.

That night, I started shivering uncontrollably. I turned up the heating step by step until it was 85F before the shivering started to subside. Then the barfing began. I mostly dry-heaved all night as I had not eaten much in several days, having little appetite, perhaps that being a precursor to what happened Tuesday.

About 5 am Wednesday, for the first time since I began working as a substitute, I had to cancel a job on the morning of a job, so I texted the vice principal of Chualar School to tell him I would not be in. I felt very bad about it, but I was so sick that I didn’t think I could even walk out to my car, much less teach a class, without throwing up in front of the class, or even passing out.

Then I noticed the blood in my pee. At first, it was just barely noticeable, but that would change.

I spent all day Wednesday sleeping in short fits, 2-3 hours and up for a few minutes to make more bloody pee, and back to sleep. That went on all day Wednesday until Thursday morning.

Thursday morning, while I still felt terrible, I decided to make the drive to Greenfield where I was to be a Music Teacher (Laaaa!). On the 40ish minute drive south, I ate for the first time since Tuesday afternoon, a small packet of fig bars, which I forced myself to eat because I was so weak I barely made it to my car.  It was a half day assignment and I thought I could handle it, but just walking to class was very exhausting. I had several classes coming in and I was supposed to play YouTube videos for them, but due to some network problem, I could not connect to YouTube. I called a tech who told me the only way to fix the problem would be to reboot the whole district network, and that would cause chaos all over the district so I would have to figure out something else. Fortunately, I could connect to Amazon Prime, and so I played the first 45 minutes of Mary Poppins to several classes. One class did not show up because, as that teacher told me later as she walked by my classroom during recess, she didn’t know the regular Music teacher had a sub and assume Music was canceled that day. A Kinder class did not show up because they were having an Easter egg hunt.

As I was walking back to the office after my last class coming to music, I walked through the kindergarten playground. At this school, I had been there many times, but coincidently all but one time I had one of the kinder classes. It was not my plan, just the luck of the draw of assignments. As I walked through the kinder playground, cries of MISTER GREEN went up and dozens of wee kids surrounded me crying out my name. One little girl cried out, “I miss you Mister Green” and another said, “you are funny Mister Green”.  I had a lot of what I call “teacher hugs” as students ran up to hug me and I held them back with my hand giving them the feel of a hug without the full contact. As I walked to the office I heard MISTER GREEN over and over, often from the distance where I could not see the caller, so I did a lot of waving at the crowd of kids. The playground monitors seemed bemused by what was going on and I presume at least some of them remembered me from my many assignments there.

I came home and ate a meal of a hamburger, the first substantial food beside the fig bars since Tuesday afternoon, and slept more. I made a medical appointment for today, Friday. The blood in the pee had gotten much more obvious, the pee being the color of red wine. I was very worried about getting hospitalized and my critters being unattended, so I made arrangements for a local friend to check in on them periodically.

The good news is that while the pee was confirmed to have blood in it, there will be no hospitalization for now. Because nausea had passed and I had no current pain, even doing the tapping and probing of my back and abdomen, she thinks that as I have a history of kidney stones, I may have passed a stone Tuesday night and the blood is a legacy of that. She didn’t think my pee showed any obvious sign of infection, but she’s going to have it tested for any bugs, which should take 2-3 days for the Petri dishes. While she didn’t mention it, this could be a sign of bladder or kidney cancer, which I assume the urine tests will show pro or con.

My next assignment is Tuesday, so unless something goes very badly, I should be able to go back to work then. If I’m not, I will have to reassess my needs.


While my needs are met, I had a couple of my gurl dogs spayed and vaccinated and took in Mama Delight and Brother Fenris to get more vaccinations. I put out about $175 for that, and that was the SPCA’s low-cost clinic held once a month on Saturday morning. The last unneutered girl, Zorrita, I will take in at the next low-cost clinic on April 21 for spaying and vaccinations. As well as her siblings for boosters and the last of their vaccinations.

There is a very good chance I will get hired as a full teacher in the fall.  I will likely know by July if that’s happening.  If that happens, my future needs, barring any unexpected accident, illness, or financial crisis, will be minimal, and I hope to be able to pay back by helping others financially. Our exiled BFitz has told me I’m already paying-it-back by my time as a teacher, which may be partially true. Without your help, I would not be now talking about becoming a full teacher, but more likely in a homeless shelter.

Even if hired as a full teacher, I still have to get through the summer. Last summer I did some subbing, but only about 10 days all summer. I looked into other jobs, but in this community, the only summer jobs were minimum wage and most other employers wanted teenagers or college kids, not a 57-year disabled oldster, including, as someone suggested in an earlier post, local youth organizations like YMCA.

So, to summarize, assuming the bloody pee is not an indication of something more serious and it goes away in the next few days, I will be able to go on without help for myself.

I have put out in March and will put out in April, $300, for the spayings and vaccinations, which I have taken out of my personal survival funds. I want to get them all vaccinated so I can take them out in public for walks and such. I only took out Delight once and she got Parvo and nearly died, as some of you may remember, and I don’t want a repeat of that with her puppers, and so I’ve kept them homebound. Also, being neutered and fully vaccinated will make them more adoptable.

Also, I am close to out of canned dog food. I have a lot of dry dog food, so they won’t starve without it, but it does get them out of the house in the morning when I go to work. I can’t leave them in the house as they are still in their chewing and clawing up everything age, especially Fenris the boy, whom I am considering passing on to a good home if one could be found. He is a real momma’s boy and would miss his mama Delight terribly. Also, while he is playing, he is chasing the cats too much. I have had to put cat food on the front porch for them, which also means I’m feeding a bunch of feral cats as well, but that’s another tale for another day.

As always, please consider others with greater needs before you give to me, but if you can give anything, anything will help.


Need: $300 for spaying and vaccinations of multiple puppers

PayPay (James /at\ JamesThomasGreen.com)

Need: Canned Dog foot & Flea Meds for dogs and cats

Amazon Wishlist for Pet Supplies

Thanks ye!



JTG and Brunhilda-IMG_20180326_150246545
Brunhilda gets cuddled following spaying surgery


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