Spaying Dorcas and Brunhilda

Spaying Dorcas and Brunhilda

Yesterday I took puppers, Dorcas and Brunhilda, to be spayed, chipped, and vaccinated at the SPCA Low-Cost Clinic. I am on the list for them sometime in July, but I decided to try to get in space-available now like I did in December with Mama Delight and Brother Fenris, and I got both in. It was a struggle to get each of them in the doggie carrier box.

As I waited in the lobby with Dorcas and Brunhilda in the car in a doggie carrier, there was a long line of people showing up for appointments, but I was #2 on the waiting list, and there were enough no-shows, and so my babies got their surgery.

Apparently, little Dorcas was growling and snapping at the staff, and when I got there, they had me go in to get her and her sister out of the cage. They were happy to see me. When I lifted them up to the doggie carrier box that they both previously struggled to keep out of, they both dived right inside without hesitation. They wanted to go home.

I didn’t’ think about this yesterday, but this was the first car ride for both of them.  I need to start driving with the dogs to get them accustomed to being in the car because they will need transport from time to time and who knows where in the world they may go with me one day.

My gurls had a tough night post-spaying. I kept them indoors away from their siblings. Brunhilda was obviously sore but quickly got around and waged her tail a lot. Tiny Dorcas had a much harder time and still isn’t doing well, but seems on the recovery path, but I will need to watch her. I’m staying home all day today, Sunday, to keep an eye on them. Most of that night until almost dawn I kept Dorcas lying on me in my recliner for most of the night because I didn’t want to disturb her sleep.

Dorcas and Brunhilda continued to recover from their spaying surgery the next day. Brunhilda did great and is even played with her siblings with happy waggles. However, Brunhilda is about 50% larger than Dorcas so perhaps size matters here.

Dorcas has not been feeling well. She’s obviously sore and not nearly as chipper as her sister. Today I spent the whole day holding her and lying with her. Right now as I type this, she’s in my bed with her body covered to keep her warm. Her siblings are outside, but I will bring in Brunhilda soon, as she also should not be outside tonight.  I’ll leave Delight, Fenris, and Zorrita outside because they would be too rough on Dorcas tonight I think.

In two weeks, Zorrita will be the last to get the surgery, assuming I get in again on the space-available spay list.


Dorcas-relaxes day after spay surgery-IMG_20180325_185606800_LL-ANI

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