Zorrita in Prison

Zorrita in Prison

Zorrita remains in prison for attacking her little older sister Dorcas.

It appears the three gurls Dorcas, Zorrita, and Brunhilda are going through their first doggie period together. Fighting began. Zorrita being so much larger than Dorcas kept getting in fights with Dorcas, and sometimes Dorcas starts it so in order to save the life of my tiny brat Dorcas I have been keeping Zorrita outside in a doghouse behind a fence my mother put up in the 1960s to facilitate her running a puppy mill raising poodle puppies.

Mama Delight and her sibs keep coming to the gate and sniff at each other, sometimes growling, mostly not.

She’s been outside on cold, but not freezing nights. She’s been out there in the rain. She will likely be there for several weeks until I am sure all the girls are out of heat, and perhaps even having Dorcas fixed to remove the hormone drive to fight.

If I can’t get tiny Dorcas and ENORMOUS Zorrita to get along, I’ll have to choose between them, and I love them both.



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