Hired or not?

Hired or not?

I am still awaiting official notice if I have been hired.

I didn’t get any notices via email, phone call, nor postal mail regarding my Teaching Hiring Status is yea or neigh. 🐎

Yet I got that email telling me to take that course on child abuse reporting within a few weeks of ‘hiring’. Logically thinking, if I’ve been sent this message because I’ve been ‘hired’, even if now I have no official notice of having been hired or not, I must be hired. The test has to be taken by someone who has been hired, not as a part of the application. That’s logic.

Maybe, however, the system for hiring might be all out of wack and the ‘hiring’ word in the email should have been ‘application’. Or maybe whoever wrote that email did not proofread their email sufficient to not see their email could be confusing to someone who doesn’t know what is going on based on mixed documentation and messaging.

I hope I get into the teacher pool of at least one of the districts to which I’ve applied.

I think I’m doing well as a substitute teacher, but I’m not sure anyone knows me, really. The kids mostly like me, and in some school, every student knows me. For example one day I went into a fourth-grade classroom which I had never had any of the kids, even last year, and they all knew who I am, Mister Green. However, do the adults know me? How much passes from the kids to the adults and other teachers. Am I just another substitute the may or may not recognize maybe? Do they have a good impression of me, or do they harbor some negative attitude about the middle-aged male of mixed European-American ancestry with green eyes and weighs 400 pounds who they think-within-think is Grotesque?

I don’t want to be disappointed again, but if I am, I’ll go on, for a while more at least.



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