Missed the free dental clinic

It’s a disappointing morning…

This morning I got up at 6am to go to a free dental clinic run by a traveling group of dentists. Yesterday when I went to the food bank, they were handing out flyers for this free clinic.

I was going to get an exam, cleaning, and if necessary, cavities filled. I got there and there was already a long line. After standing in line for about an hour, someone came out and announced that they already had the limit of people signed up than they could treat.

I have not been to a dentist in five years, so I need to get looked at and a cleaning. One of my fears is that one day I’ll get a blindingly painful toothache and have to have an emergency treatment, and without money, that would likely involve an extraction, which if it was a front tooth, would not be good, not just for appearance, but because studies show that people with missing front teeth tend to not be given jobs or promotions as much as others.

I don’t have any immediate issues, although I’m pretty sure I’ve got a few cavities to fill, so I’m disappointed I didn’t get up at 5 or earlier to get in line early. I have no idea when or where the next free clinic will be. Bleh.



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