Kitten dragged in by Puppies

Kitten dragged in by Puppies

Look at what Delight’s puppies dragged in. I was sitting in my living room with puppies playing around me, and I noticed one of the pups chewing and shaking what looked like a rag. As they’ve been chewing on old socks, I didn’t think much of it at first, but I saw with my fuzzy eyesight that the gray blob looked unusual, and I realized it was a kitten. I got up right away and took it away from the puppy.

I was afraid it was dead at first as it was not moving, but it started moving and so I went into the kitchen and got a can of wet cat food. I sat down and started feeding it, and it ate.

it appears to be about 3-4 weeks old. It is obviously still of an age where it should be nursing, but it can eat. It’s about the same age as Anubis was when I found him, but while thin, is not near starving as Anubis was. At first examination, it appears to be female, but at that age it can be hard to tell.

I assume it’s mother and littermates are out in the yard somewhere. Either it was wandering, or the puppies found the litter and dragged it out. If the latter, there may be more kittens out in the yard, so I’m going to go out soon to look. If they dragged one kitten inside, there may be others simply lying out in the yard. When this one settles down, I’ll go look.

If they dragged one kitten inside, I thought there may have been others simply lying out in the yard. I didn’t find any kittens when I went looking.

Last night I fed the kitten some newborn baby formula with a medicine dropper and it pooped on my shirt. I fed it again this morning.

One of my cousins has called me a critter-magnet. Yep.




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