#JTG250 Update

#JTG250 Update

I have a goal of getting down to 250 pounds, ergo I call it the #JTG250 project. This is my latest status.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve virtually eliminated sugar and most sugar from my diet. I’ve eaten more Brussel sprouts in the past week than I’ve eaten in my whole life, and it’s surprisingly filling. One side effect is that I’ve been consistently tired and sleepy, but that seems to be less of an effect.  My blood sugar has gone from very very very high (300+ ave) to just high (150-200).  The amount of insulin I’m using is down by about 1/3. I haven’t been to a scale that can weigh me at about 400 since my last doctor’s visit, but I assume I’m losing weight. I have more energy, even though I feel sleepy, a contradiction.

Now you know more than you ever thought possible.



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