Summer of Puppies Continues

Summer of Puppies Continues

The Summer of Puppies continues. Last night, for the first time, I had all four puppies plus mama Delight lying on me in Dad’s recliner. I had been holding mama and a couple pups and the others managed to jump and climb up on me and they all fell asleep. The Apophis, my big white baby kitty came in and jumped up on the back of the chair and meowed until I reached up and skritched his kittyhed and he looked down upon the mass of puppers. Unlike his stepbrother Apophis, Anubis is not a fan of the pups and runs when they come at him.  The semi-feral pootie Squeaky is becoming friends with the baby woozles, and while not as patient as Apophis, does let them come up and sniff him, and he head-butts them. Whoever gets the pups will have kitty-friendly doggoes.

The pups are in a chewing phase, and the house is filled with torn up papers. Delight was like that, and had just gotten past that phase, and not it’s back.



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