Fenris gets attacked

Fenris gets attacked

Vicious Doggg Dorcas Delightdotter eats human flesh!!!

dorcas eats jtg finger

I had a bit of excitement last night. I was in my bedroom on my desktop computer when from the living room I heard the puppies suddenly screaming. I jumped up and ran into the living room with Delight running beside me and I made a loud roaring sound because if one of the puppies were being attacked by a cat or some other critter, I wanted to chase it out. I opened the sliding door so hard that it partially came off the rail.

When I got there the pups were hiding. Three came out, but Fenris the boy was missing. I looked around but didn’t see him right away so I ran out into the back yard, but so no puppy. I saw the semi-feral cat Squeaky and walked over there to see if something tragically predatory had happened. Squeaky just calmly looked at me as I approached, but as I got close, ran off as he is semi-feral.

Delight and the three girl pups came out into the back yard with me. I looked around but didn’t see Fenris in the backyard. I wondered if a cat or some other predator, such as an opossum or even a raccoon could have gotten Fenris and was then eating him somewhere out of view.

I went back into the living room and started looking under the furniture and then Fenris came out whimpering. I looked him over and didn’t see any obvious blood or other injuries and he seemed more scared than anything.

Fenris’s attitude changed after that. Until then, he’s been somewhat more aloof than his sister. I had held and cuddled him, but he generally would only let me hold him for a couple of minutes and then off to other things for him. After that, for the rest of the evening and into the morning, he wanted me to hold and cuddle him, and when I put him down, he would immediately whine and jump at my feet until I picked him up, and I ended up staying awake for several hours past the time I wanted to go to sleep. Even when I went to bed and blocked the hall/bedroom access to him and sisters, he whimpered and whined for a long time. He’s too small for me to put in my bed, both because I don’t want to accidentally roll over on him in the night, and because the bed is too high for him and he could hurt himself if/when he fell off in the night.

I think the most likely thing to have happened is that the pups, or at least Fenris, used to having Apophis Maukat as their patient kitty chew toy, tried to play with either Squeaky or Anubis or perhaps one of the other feral cats, perhaps even one I haven’t seen before and got some claws for his effort.  I doubt it was a predatory attack due to the lack of injury or blood.

The sliding door needs repair now. One of the guides came out of the rail, and while it’s fixable, it will require taking the door down, putting the guide back into the rail, and putting it back together, not something I’m looking forward to due the amount of standing and lifting I’ll have to do. The door does close, but it is difficult and each opening and closing causes a little bit of damage.

I have been considering keeping a second puppy and finding homes for only two. I had been considering keeping Fenris along with Dorcas. After last night, and our long bonding session, I’m getting more certain that I will keep him. This will give me a total of three dogs, which I think is a good number for socializing. Dogs are social creatures, and being gone so much, Delight must have been quite lonely and somewhat psychologically damaged. Having a second dog, Dorcas, would give her some company. However, having three means that an interpersonal group dynamic could form and they would be less reliant on me, or any single other dog, for their doggie psychology.


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