Puppies maul kitty Apophis

Puppies maul kitty Apophis

Last night, as I opened the door to the hallway that keeps the pups out of the hall and bedrooms, I saw my orange cat Apophis lying on the carpet asleep and blocking progress, as he does. Suddenly the four puppers dash in before I can close the door and are on top of Apophis. They cover him with delightful happy squeals as they chewed on him. The four of them completely covered Apophis Maukat and he almost disappears from view under a blanket of puppies. It looked like a nature documentary of wolves covering up a deer. I watch as I expect Apophis to run away, but he just lies there for a minute, then two, and then finally he slowly gets up and walks away with the puppies holding onto him the way a wolf holds onto a bison. Apophis jumps up on a box and as the puppies yap and jump in futile effort to get at their toy, he looks down on them with a happy kitty expression.

I wish I had my camera with me when it happened.

Apophis has been there since the beginning, as this picture taken a few hours after Delight’s puppies were born show.


20170521-project-image-Delight Puppies Apophis-1080

Fenris Delightson attacks!!!



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