Dad will be 90 tomorrow

Tomorrow, April 26, 2017, will be my late fathers 90th Birthday.

I used to talk, not fully joking, about what we would do on his 100th birthday. Dad had many close calls with death ranging from a three-month coma during which none of his doctors thought he would recover, lung cancer surgery, multiple cases of pneumonia, serious falls with injuries, and more.

Dad died at 88 years and 1 week on May 4, 2015; a day I mark as the second worst of my life, the worst being the day I had a colostomy on May 4, 1994.

I still miss him terribly.

As this is the second year since Dad died, I’m going to mark what I’ve been calling “Dad’s Memorial Period”, which begins tomorrow on Dad’s Birthday, continues to the day he died on May 4th (which is also the anniversary of my colostomy from Cancer surgery) and ends on May 8th, the day of his funeral. I plan to post and do things to mark Dad’s passing. I did it last year, and I may do it in future years, perhaps every year I have left in my life. I am, probably, closer to my end than to my beginning.

Tomorrow I’m going to take the day off from Substitute teaching. With my car’s transmission now repaired and thus (less) fear of an out of town breakdown and standing, I’m going to honor Dad’s memory by taking a long day drive like Dad and I used to do. We would get in the car and just go, somewhere, no destination in mind, just taking whatever road we had not been on before and see where it went and what would see. I’m going to take a lot of pictures, and record my thoughts and emotions and memories and put them together into a video I will post soon.



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