Dead Cat caught in a Fence

I have a sad tale to tell; warning, proceed with caution as this is disturbing, and still makes me a bit sick to think of.

In the repairing of the third fence this week, the contractor found a dead cat. The cat had gotten its foot caught in the spacing between the fence slats, and hung there until it died. From its size and what remains of its fur, it appears to have been a white cat, perhaps about four to eight months old.

It’s quite likely it was one of the kittens that invaded my home this past year, bring me, among others, the one I’ve now named Squeaky Maukat.

I have a fuzzy memory of there being two white kittens at one point, coming into the house to eat cat food meant for Anubis and Apophis. They came in with their grey-long-hair mama.  Now I only see one white kitten, a female that is still pretty skittish and I’ve never touched.  There may have even been more white cats that I assumed were all the same cat.

So back to this caught kitten. Apparently it had been on the top of the fence and jumped down to land in the yard, but instead, it’s back foot slid down the space between two slats and it couldn’t get free. It was upside down so it couldn’t go back up. It’s only hope would have been for a human, me, to have either heard it’s cries or coincidently gone back to that part of the fence, by the side of the house, in a very thickly overgrown section of the property.  It was near the window of the back bedroom, where I used to sleep before dad died and I started using his hospital bed. Had I still been sleeping in the back room, I might have heard it’s crying, but being in the front bedroom, the cries would have been significantly softer due to distance.

I took a couple of pictures of the body, which is still hanging on the fence. It is long ago dried out, and this probably happened many months ago, perhaps as long ago as last fall.

I’m going to use those pictures to push the idea that some fences are traps for animals. I have never seen this before, in my yard or anywhere else, so this could be the first time anything like this has ever happened in my yard, or maybe it happens regularly and is largely unknown.

There is a simple solution, and that is to take small strips of wood and screw them in at the top of these gaps, thus preventing this from ever happening. In the couple of days since I saw the dead kitten, and wonder about how she likely hung there for several days, at least, I have been hugging my Anubis and Apophis a lot because it could have very easily have been one of them, and unless I fix the fence with the barriers I mentioned, it could yet be them or another of my pootie kittahs in the future.



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