Roving Sub and Recognition

Today I was a roving sub at yet another school I’ve been to several times before. I was in several classes that I’ve been in before, and again the “MISTER GREENs” were frequent as I enter as well as when I walk through the playgrounds.  Even in a class I hadn’t been in before, some students knew who I am by reputation or having seen me walking around.

It probably helps that my appearance is fairly striking, hence memorable. Indeed, with my “Mister Green” ceramic nametag and my size and hat and general style, it’s hard to forget me.

At the end of the day, I  returned to the first class I had this morning. The kids started crying out “MISTER GREEN”. They were saying my name so much and so loud that the usual teacher had to shush them to tell them their assignments. After he left, I went to the front of the line and said, “I’m Baaaack”, and the room erupted in cheers. I then did my best “Muhahahaha!” and they laughed. 😼

Another funny thing today: in one class I was asked if I had pets, probably because of the cat hair on my clothes. I asked the kids what pets they had, and one girl said an owl. At first I thought she was joking or was referring to a stuffed plushy, but no, she meant a real owl, but it wasn’t a pet per se, but rather a wild owl, a brown one about 12 inches tall, that lives in her back yard. She said she feeds it sometimes. She goes to a pet store and buys mice and rats, lets them go in the back yard, and the owl swoops down and carries them off to eat them in a tree.



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