Return to McKinnon First Grade

Today I returned to a first grade class I had last Friday. The kids had apparently not paid attention when I said I’d be back today because when I came to the door, they started cheering “MISTER GREEN YOU’RE BACK”. They were mostly happy to see me. It was a pretty good class, or first graders. Towards the end of the day, when they had finished their assignments, I had those who wanted to draw pictures of their regular teacher. I left a stack of drawings of her on her desk with a note telling her what I’d done. I hope she’ll like it. The last thing of the day today was taking the kids to the Multi-purpose room along with the other two first grade classes for music and dance.
Now I’m home and going to nap a bit, then off to a birthday party for a friend, and then to my Digital Motion Graphics class (using Adobe After-Effects).

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