Teching NASA/STEM Week 2

Yesterday (Sat) I did my second Saturday NASA/STEM science class to a group of fourth graders. I did a demonstration on why it’s important to use lab-safety by first pouring water into a beaker with baking soda, which produced a white sludge. Then I showed what would happen if I were not paying attention and THOUGHT what I was pouring was water but was in reality vinegar. When it fizzed up in the beaker, I screamed and yelled in mock terror and it got the message across to the kids.

Another real demonstration of lab safety in the “don’t eat lab stuff” came as one of the girls, without me watching, ate some of the baking soda because, I guess she thought it was food. She said she threw up in the sink, although I did not see that happen.

One girl wanted more explosions. She expected the class to be like an episode of MythBusters



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