Sick today

Today is one of the worst health days I’ve had in months. I’d have to go back to my surgeries last year to find a worse day.

I’m in a first grade class. The class is not too bad beyond them refusing to sit in their seats and do the assignments.

What is bad is my health.

I have been sick very much since I began teaching. My last weeks long illness relented to give me only about a week’s reprieve before the current malady took over my body. 

 I have been coughing constantly with a thick non-productive cough. I have been coughing so bad that I can’t lie down on either side, so I’ve been sitting in a recliner with a big towel and my critters as a blanket. It’s very uncomfortable, but I can somewhat control the coughing until I pass out for a few hours.  As i have multiple large hernias from my cancer surgery and colostomy, each cough compresses the loops of intestine beyond my abdominal wall and it’s like being constantly being punched until I feel so sore I can hardly stand anymore. Getting up out of my recliner this morning felt like a huge task, and getting dressed to go out and drive to school, even if only a few blocks away, was agony.

I have a raspy throat and just a few minutes ago on recess duty I could barely stand on the seatless asphalt.  I find it odd how often I as a sub have recess duty, and I suspect some schools automatically give the subs recess duty even if the teacher they are replacing would not normally have recess duty, but I digress.

Fortunately there is a weekend ahead, but I’m not sure even two days of fitful sleep will be enough. I am thinking about going to the ER tonight or tomorrow, but I fear I’ll be admitted and I don’t have any good options for taking care of my critters, especially with two of the three back fences down. Being constantly sick, and pretty much effectively alone, is dragging me down further and further and I feel like I’m reaching the end of my endurance and abilities.

Sorry for such a down report, but I am feeling crummie now, and documenting this, even if I am the only one who reads it, helps a little.



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