Poem: Diving Deep

I am taking a poetry class at Hartnell College as the last class I need to get an English Associate’s degree. This is a poem I wrote tonight for the assignment based upon a memory I had from my past.  Enjoy.
Diving Deep
I swam along a shallow tropical reef in Guam with a companion, aside deep water, the bottom far below in a blue blur.
On a whim, I abandoned the surface, my companion, air, and dove for the distant bottom. 
Kick-kick-kick and I went down-down-down.
The water pressured increases and my mask was forced against my face. I approached the bottom so very slowly even as my legs beat the water with my flippered feet.  
I reached out frantically, as though like some Fantastic super hero my arm would stretch to touch the approaching rocks on the bottom.  I felt my chest collapse and my lungs burn as I left the surface behind.
At last I reached the bottom and touch a broad flat rock on the bottom. 
I flip-spin around and with a massive thrust kick-shoved from the rock-bottom back towards the surface and my abandoned companion, now distant blurs far above.  
I kick-kick-kicked with my flippered feet and I rose towards the surface with increasing speed.  The crushed air in my lungs expanded as I ascended returning to me back the buoyancy I had lost in my recent descent. 
I felt my body screaming for air, but I knew confidently I would make it, and the glittering waves on the surface are my target.
Finally, I burst out of the water like a whale breaching and fall back sucking in the oxygen I had so recently left behind.
My companion shouted angrily at me because to his eyes, he saw me disappearing into the depths almost out of sight and he did not know if I would return; he had no confidence in my ability to successfully do what he would never consider trying.  This has been a common thread throughout many relationships in my life.
But, return I did, and here I am, telling the tale to you.

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