Sick this morning

I just woke up, about noon.

After leaving my sixth grade substitute assignment yesterday afternoon, I went to celebration at Hartnell College of their new $50K ceramic kiln. It’s not yet operational, but the college president wanted some publicity pictures to keep the media and the board of directors happy.  I went because I’ve been in ceramics for about 12 semesters and I’m a bit of a notable person there. There was also food there, and the ceramics classes are famous for lots of good food, i.e. not just bags of chips and cookies and bottles of soda, but a full pot-luck yum.  I took home a bunch of homemade eggrolls which I shall soon have for brunch.

I went to bed early last night and slept through the night in fits and starts. I was having a hard time breathing and lots of coughing and nose-stopping mucus. I woke up at the usual time, about 5 am, to get ready to teach Saturday class, but since my Saturday class assignment is no more, this was frustrating. I stayed awake until about 6:30 as my body fought competing urges, the biological to pass out and snooze, and the routine of being awake almost every morning to teach, until I passed out to snoozeyland.

About 10, Delight decided it was time to play and became increasingly insistant that i get up. She kept jumping on me and running up and down and licking my face. I pulled the blankie over my head she kept “digging” at the blanket to pull it down so she could get access to my face, and she succeeded but her claws scratched my face which got me to push her away.  Finally after several attempts to get me up over a couple of hours, I gave in a few minutes ago and here I am. I will probably go back to sleep again soon.

ZzzZZzZZZzz 😴



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