Teaching Sixth Grade at John Steinbeck

Today I’m at John Steinbeck Elementary teaching sixth grade. Right now I’m at “First Tee” Golf course, with the students on a field trip. They are out playing golf while I’m in the lounge using one of the computers. I’ll be here for about another hour, then back on the bus and back to school to finish the afternoon. So far a pretty good, and unstressful day.

Yesterday was a tough day. I had a split day, 1st grade in the morning, and 3rd grade in the afternoon. I had not eaten either breakfast nor lunch, and by the afternoon, I was getting pretty woozie. At one point, I stood up in class and I almost passed out and had to grab a table to keep from going plop in front of the class.  Then later, at the end of PE, I called out to my class to come in in my very loud voice with a lot of force, and the effort again brought about a wave of dizziness like before, but this time, I was in the middle of a concrete slab with nothing to grab onto. I put all my concentration into remaining upright until the wave passed, and I lead my students back into class to get ready to go home.

This morning, I ate an egg and turkey sandwich before I left for class, and so far today I’ve been doing well, although today has not been nearly as stressful as yesterday. These sixth graders are easier to deal with than either the first or third graders of yesterday.

Tomorrow: Kindergarten, also at John Steinbeck Elementary.

And, obligatory critter comments: Delight has been very playful at night lately. Almost every night between three and four she decides it’s time to play and runs and jumps up and down my blanket covered corpse, stopping to lick my face. It’s a good thing she’s cute.


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