Silly me: It’s Sunday not Monday

Silly me.

This morning, after a week off for Turkey Week, I had lost track of the day and thought it was Monday, not Sunday. So I got up, got ready, put Delight outside, and drove to the school I’m to teach at tomorrow. As I pulled out, I wondered why there was so little traffic. When I got to the school, it was closed, so I pulled over and took a closer look at my phone and oops, it’s Sunday.  At least it got me out of the house.

So, being out anyway, I decided to take a little random drive and wound up on Marina, about 20 miles from home, and I stopped at a donut shop, which has some of the best donuts in this region and bought a couple, a custard-filled chocolate, and a cinnamon roll. I thought about going for a scenic drive, but given my finances, I didn’t want to spend the money on gas, not to mention take the risk my car might stop working far from home, so I came back home to let in Delight, who was excited that she didn’t have to spend a day outside away from her beloved toy (me).

My health has not been good lately. I had a wound on my back that is slowly healing, and then I developed a urinary tract infection. All this in addition to a long-time respiratory problem that started on my very first day of teaching, likely caught from one of the 8th graders I taught that day.  I’ve been taking antibiotics for the UTI, and until yesterday, I was beginning to lose hope that the infection would respond to this antibiotic, aka it’s resistant, but this morning, suddenly, the healing appears to have begun.

The respiratory problem has slowly been going away. This is the way such problems have been with me all my life. I will get sick, and the worst of it will pass in a few days or weeks, but I will have a lingering cough for many weeks or even months. I seem to be past the point of not being able to say three sentences without a coughing fit, but the tickle in my chest and throat are still there.

It’s a good thing that the Turkey Week break came when it did so I could recover. 🙂



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