Teaching Expanded; Back Wound Back?

I am now registered at Salinas City Elementary School District to substitute teach. I haven’t gotten any jobs there yet, but it’s only a matter of time. I’m still waiting to be added to their online-signup web site, which is different from Alisal and Santa Rita.

The list as of now of school districts is:

  • Chualar School District
  • Alisal Union School District
  • Washington Union School District (Toro Park area between Salinas and Monterey)
  • Santa Rita Union School District
  • Salinas City Union School District.

Of those five, Alisal and Washington use one system, Aesop, to schedule subs. Salinas uses a different system, and Chualar and Washington simply call up their subs. I’ve worked for Chualar twice, but I’ve turned them down several times because I’ve been previously scheduled as a sub in Alisal. I’ve also turned Washington down twice and have yet to work for them, but as they pay about $30 less per day than any other local district, I’m not that disappointed.

So far I’ve worked almost every day I could since I signed up with Alisal.  Once I get the code to get Salinas City, I will have a lot more chances to work.

Unfortunately, I’ve been sick to one degree or another since my first day of subbing at Chualar 8th grade. I caught something and I was coughing by the next day. I was so sick for awhile that I took off a Friday and a Monday to get a bit better. I should still take about a week or more off, but I can’t do so because I have to earn enough to cover not just this months and next months’ expenses, but January when only work about half the month. This is plausable as long as I work almost every day I can, and there are no unexpected expenses, car, dog, cat, health, etc.

One health problem is my back. I had two surgeries recently, one which took off part of my right foot. That is finally healed. The other problem is my back.

This back surgery requires a background story.

Several years ago, when Dad was alive and could plausibly reach 100, I had a painful lump on my back. It was solid and the part poking out upon the middle of my back was dry and wart-like I had a surgery to remove it. I remember that I didn’t get enough anesthetic and I was awake and remember the whole operation, even though they said I would neither be awake nor remember anything. On top of that, the operation took longer than expected and by the end the anesthetic was wearing off and I was in a lot of pain.

So the lump was removed and the doctor stitched up the wound on my back. The problem here is that the skin on the back is already rather tight, and with several inches removed, it was even tighter.  Several times over the next couple of years, the wound healed and then broke out in oozing and then would almost heal and then finally a few months ago the wound turned into a large painful bulge and then one morning it burst and I awoke covered in blood and puss.

Yet another surgery was performed, this time to cut out a large section of the middle of my back, about 4 inches by six inches in my back. The wound went through all the layers of my skin down to the fascia. This time the wound was packed and I wore a “wound-vac” for several weeks. The wound was right in the middle of my back and there was no way I could treat the wound myself. It was agony for several weeks as I had a reaction to the adhesive to hold the wound vac on. Then I got the infection in my foot, and I was hospitalized, so I was being treated for two things at once for several weeks in the hospital. On the plus side, I could get rid of the wound-vac in favor of getting the wound bandage changed twice a day. On aside here is that many of my nurses and hospital treatment people would be confused that I could be in the hospital for two separate things, a back wound and a foot wound.

So now the foot is pretty much healed, and the back healed up until a few days ago. Months of little walking and activity have left me much weaker than I was a year ago. On top of this, I have been coughing and wheezing since right after my first day of Substitute Teaching, having apparently caught something from my kids on my very first day of work.  I have been physically miserable almost every day since I started working, even as I see my future growing brighter even if the orange clouds of Trumpashism threaten to blot out the light.

I do not know if my back wound will again turn into another huge cyst and burst again. I’m going to call my surgeon on Monday to set up an appointment for Wednesday (I’m currently not scheduled for any subbing on Wednesday, and I know he used to be in the clinic on Wednesday). Hopefully, it can be treated short of another surgery, or at least one that is not as severe as the last time. It’s also got me wondering what is going on that this same spot keeps getting infected, as in is there something in my body at that point that even removing a 4″x6″ skin piece going all the way to the fascia still does not keep this from coming back.




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