Month: November 2016

Teaching Sixth Grade at John Steinbeck

Today I'm at John Steinbeck Elementary teaching sixth grade. Right now I’m at “First Tee” Golf course, with the students on a field trip. They are out playing golf while I’m in the lounge using one of the computers. I’ll be here for about another hour, then back on the bus and back to school to finish the afternoon. So far a pretty good, and unstressful day.

Cousin Marian is dying

I just got some very bad news. My 95-year-old cousin, Marian Lucille England-Graham, is dying. According to her grandson Josh, she’s just sort of shutting down and sleeps all the time, and she’s within a day or so of passing. I had discovered her about ten years ago via my genealogy research, and I discovered a small book she had written in the 1970s about our mutual ancestry, and through that, I tracked her down. She lived at the time in Chico California, about 200 miles away, so Dad and I went to visit and we got along great. Dad used to call her his “favorite cousin”. Dad and her were second cousins. I am so disappointed. I’ll write more in a few days after her passing.

Silly me: It’s Sunday not Monday

This morning, after a week off for Turkey Week, I had lost track of the day and thought it was Monday, not Sunday. So I got up, got ready, put Delight outside, and drove to the school I’m to teach at tomorrow. As I pulled out, I wondered why there was so little traffic. When I got to the school, it was closed, so I pulled over and took a closer look at my phone and oops, it’s Sunday. At least it got me out of the house.