Luke Cage Episode two (spoilers)

Luke Cage Episode two (spoilers)

Just finished episode two of Luke Cage. It’s getting better with time. This episode had a lot of action. I was expecting a lot of bloody scenes like Daredevil, but while there are some such scenes, it’s not nearly as gory as Daredevil, at least not yet.

I like how the the episode started with Luke getting a gun put to the back of his head by an apparent mugger. That initial scene is cut off leaving me to think that whatever happened was resolved off camera. However, after the rest of the scenes of the video, we return to that same scene which shows it takes place AFTER the action, not BEFORE. Luke lectures the young black man and dares him to shoot. Luke takes the gun from him, and shoots himself, and the mugger runs away at this.

While this is not an origin story, as Luke got his powers  place some time before the series started, and indeed had his powers during the Jessica Jones series, it is an origin of a sort. He had the tragic death of Pops, an older man who was a barber and an ex thug. This death has apparently had the effect of motivating Luke to stop hiding his powers and go out and serve justice.

I’m interested in what the next chapter will reveal.



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