Luke Cage Episode Three (Spoilers)

Luke Cage Episode Three (Spoilers)

The action continues. In this episode Luke goes out or revenge against “cottonmouth”, a local ganglord who was indirectly responsible for the death of Pops. Cottonmouth did not order the hit, nor did he want it to happen because he had a relationship with Pops of respect, but one of his lower level goons took it upon himself to kill Pops, after which Cottonmouth threw him off a roof in anger. That happened in the last episode, but I didn’t write it then. Oops.

So Luke is very angry at Cottonmouth and blames him for the hit, even though Cottonmouth did not want the hit. Still, Cottonmouth is a brutal murderer who was shown in ep 2 to beat a man to death with his own fists.

Luke decides to take out Cottonmouth’s organization by going to his money-stash places one by one and ultimately in the end Luke takes out “Fort Knox”, the central cash stash location. Luke does not take much money during this process, but leaves most of it. He takes enough to keep Pop’s barber shop open and a bit more for his own needs. How Cottonmouth finds out that it was Luke that’s been hitting him, and in the final scene of the episode, Cottonmouth launches a rocket into a restaurant where Luke was eating dinner, and the building collapses on him. Luke will, of course, survive, but a lot of people are likely to have died. He was speaking with his landlady, who also owns the restaurant, and it’s likely she died as it’s unlikely Luke could have shielded her from the blast.

Now on to Episode 4. 😀



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