Month: October 2016

Answer only one word

OK USING ONLY ONE WORD. It's not as easy as you think. 1. Where is your cell phone? Shelf 2. Your hair? Brown 3. Your dad? Jimmy 4. Your other half?  DelightDog 5. Your favorite food? Avocado 6. Your dream last night?  At Work 7. Your favorite drink?  Grape Juice 8. Your dream/goal?  Happyness 9. … Continue reading Answer only one word

First Substitute Teaching Assignment

I start my very first substitute teaching gig Monday. It’s a one-day assignment at Chualar School. Chualar is a small rural community with one school and mostly farm-labor Hispanic residents.  My poco Espanol will help.  This is a one-day assignment paying $140, which I presume will be about $100 after taxes. This came out of the … Continue reading First Substitute Teaching Assignment