Month: October 2016

Santa Rita School District Registration

This morning I went to Santa Rita School District and interviewed to be a substitute teacher. Now I am registered there. This makes four school districts I'm registered in:

First Substitute Teaching Assignment

I start my very first substitute teaching gig Monday. It’s a one-day assignment at Chualar School. Chualar is a small rural community with one school and mostly farm-labor Hispanic residents.  My poco Espanol will help.  This is a one-day assignment paying $140, which I presume will be about $100 after taxes. This came out of the … Continue reading First Substitute Teaching Assignment

Luke Cage Episode Three (Spoilers)

Luke Cage Episode Three (Spoilers)

The action continues. In this episode Luke goes out or revenge against "cottonmouth", a local ganglord who was indirectly responsible for the death of Pops. Cottonmouth did not order the hit, nor did he want it to happen because he had a relationship with Pops of respect, but one of his lower level goons took … Continue reading Luke Cage Episode Three (Spoilers)