Last step done for Substitute Teaching

Last step done for Substitute Teaching

I just got the call that the last step necessary for me to start applying for Substitute Teaching jobs has been completed. There are a couple of forms I need to pick up tomorrow at the Monterey County Department of Education office. I’ll then make copies of those forms and submit them with completed applications for various school districts. 

My first three school district targets are:

  • Alisal School District (my alma mater)
  • Salinas Union High School District (also my alma mater)
  • Salinas School District (local)
  • Santa Rita School District (also local)

Other districts I may apply to include:

  • Monterey School District
  • Soledad School District
  • Gonzales School District

I prefer to work local, at my alma mater districts, a la “Welcome Back Kotter”. 🙂

Tonight I have a Democratic meeting in Monterey about 6-9 pm. I should get home about 10:00, and I’ll work on getting at least one application finished, if not two. I have already downloaded applications for Alisal School District and Salinas School District, so those I hope to drop off with my supplimental information tomorrow. I don’t know how long it will take for them to be processed, but I hope to be working within two weeks or less. 

I have asked several people in the Dept of Ed about how truly available substitute teaching jobs are. I said that I’d hate to put so much time and expense into getting certified only to sit around waiting for weeks or months for work. I was told that subs are in great demand are those who are overly picky about what assignments they take. Think someone who only wants to teach the 4th grade on Friday afternoons at the one school down the street within walking distance. 

The reason substitute teachers are so in demand involves how short education was funded in the past. A lot of teachers left teaching when their hours were reduced or their workload was increased to unbearable levels or they were just laid off.  Many substitutes of the past became regular teachers to fill in the gap, and now that the economy is better and education is better funded, there is a shortage of teachers, and substitutes. 

So my life moves along.



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